Looking for a sense of Direction and Purpose in your life?

Want to embrace the Leader inside you?

You are not unique at this crossroads; many men face this dilemma. Often men are able to master leadership and direction in some area of life yet struggle with their inner-personal leadership. Many men struggle to fully gain a strong sense of self-empowerment and to fully embrace their personal leadership. The Next Step will help you find ways to understand why this is the case, as well as ways to change.

Welcome to The Next Step!..........

What is The Next Step?

The Next Step is a 48-hour experiential gathering that invites men to access the leader inside them and bring that leader out in all areas of their lives. The Next Step is not an academic training on leadership styles ~it will not tell you WHAT you should be as a leader. Rather, it offers you the opportunity to discover HOW you can access your true sense of self-empowerment and leadership. The Next Step allows you an opportunity to examine unhealthy relationship patterns, negative self-limiting beliefs and the direction your life is taking and then to see how you can reach your full potential free from shame, fear and self-judgement

What experience do I need?

The Next Step is not an introductory experiential weekend.  It is designed specifically for men who have done personal development work, either prior experiential weekends or significant therapeutic work with a professional counsellor or life coach. If you are unsure about whether The Next Step is suitable for you then feel free to contact us at info@the-next-step-for-men.com

The Next Step visits Pennsylvania in December 2011

The Next Step visits Deerpark Camp in Hew Hope, Pennsylvania.  You will arrive at 12 noon on Friday, December 2nd, and finish at 12 noon Sunday, December 4th. The cost is $495, which includes the training, accommodation and food.

Two Testimonials:

“I did the weekend this summer when it was offered for the first time, and I found it extremely informative, in a very different way to other experiential weekends I'd done...really, really helped me better identify the games I play with myself and others. Some of the stuff they taught there seemed so "right" that I left feeling I'd known it all my life!”

“I was blessed to be a participant on this weekend and I got so much out of it. I am still reaping the benefits of the weekend and its been 4 months. It has helped me see the blind spots that were preventing me from being the leader of my own life and gave me some excellent tools to help. This weekend is another life changing weekend for men who have already done some emotional work and are at that place of... "Now what?" “

To Register:

Registration will be closing soon, so please let us know asap if you are interested. You can get some more details as well as contact info and even register here - http://www.the-next-step-for-men.com/